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Exceptional Sailing holidays during Covid Crisis

5.0 rating
September 11, 2020

We were fortunate enough to have a wonderful sailing holiday this year. Despite the circumstances around COVID, we had a perfect week of sailing around Peloponees mid August. Yiannis and the crew of the charter company really gave their best to make us feel very safe to travel. The boat and everything going along with it was fully desinfected, so that we didn´t face any risk at all. Further the ports and the beautiful bays were not crowded at all. Before travel, we´ve been supported by Yiannis in a perfect way. That made the decision very easy, to take the risk of traveling in exceptional times!
Thank you once again for your great support Yiannis and we´ll be with you for another sailing week next year for sure!!
My highest recommendations for booking your sailing vacation with SailtheGreekIslands!!!

Christian Werner

Bareboat sailing with family

5.0 rating
September 6, 2020

We had a wonderful week of sailing in the Saronic Gulf end of August. Yannis gave us the ideal family yacht for this bareboat charter trip . Together with the charter company we felt us in very good hands, for all questions we had. Except in this year 2020, with these special conditions!
Thanks Yiannis.

Marc Schwarz

The best of the best in Greece

5.0 rating
December 31, 2019

Every trip we’ve taken with Yiannis, has been awesome, safe, exciting and educational. Never a dull moment. I would highly recommend to all who are considering sailing in Greece. For families, couples and friends. A perfect holiday experience. Can’t wait to go sailing with Captain Yiannis again in the near future.

SHARON Steinbach

7 days around Delos

5.0 rating
August 30, 2019

We were a group of 4 couples, friends since ever, and this was our second trip together. Two years ago one of the couples of our group took a trip with SAIL THE GREEK ISLANDS and the Captain Yanis, so we choose them again for our own trip. It was fantastic days, not only because the incredible and beautiful islands of Greece, but mainly for the knowledge of our captain of the best swimming spots and how to reach it on the best and safest way.
In addition of that our captain was a pleasant and nice guy who were all the time worry about us and the schedule.

Gustavo and the crew

Here we come again!!!!

5.0 rating
August 30, 2019

My wife and I honeymooned with Yiannis and Sharon nearly 14 years ago!!! Our time with them was magical and they became true friends!!! His knowledge of the seas is incredible and we just couldn’t wait to get back!!! Now the kids are getting older and next year we are planning another trip and we can’t wait. This time we are bringing the whole family. Hunter 12, Forrest 8, Archer 6, Ace and Nancy (the inlaws) Michelle and Richard (mom and dad) for a memorable week with great great people!!! We look so forward to coming to visit and getting to know you again!!!! I can’t wait to have the whole family experience your kindness, dedication to your craft, and the truly spectaculor country that your sail in. Can’t wait!!!!

Richard and Michelle Downing

Sailing the Ionian Islands

5.0 rating
July 24, 2019

Dearest Yianni, we loved every moment of our holiday with you. You’re the best skipper we have had. It was such a pleasure to be guided by you and your experience was so reassuring to us. You showed us all of the Ionian treasures. Thank you so much for your warm hospitality and sharing your beautiful islands with us. Much love Anastasia and James McKeon. See you again next year we hope!

James Mckeon

Excellent family trip

5.0 rating
July 4, 2019

We brought our 3 kids (ages 13, 11 and 8) for a week from the US. Yanis was great. He is an expert sailor, brought us to a rich variety of islands based on the winds and accommodated the wishes of both the adults and kids with pleasure. He gave the kids fun tasks to do so that they were active participants in the process. They felt that they learned something, built confidence and had a great time. This is a great family bonding trip!

Jennifer Zalayet

Captain Yiannis

5.0 rating
June 20, 2019

If you are looking to book a charter to sail the Greek Islands, you will need a Captain that is knowledgeable, experienced, & friendly. Captain Yiannis is all of the above and more. We had a fabulous sailing experience that, along with the shear beauty of the various islands, was made possible by our Captain. Add in his great knowledge of Greek history and his sense of humour, you have your man. Trust us, you will not be disappointed with your decision to hire Captain Yani. Thanks 👨🏻‍✈️

George & Bernadette McCarter

The Great Greek Adventure

5.0 rating
June 7, 2019

We have had a great adventure in exploring the beautiful country of Greece!! We have seen many islands thanks to Yannis, who has an unsurpassed knowledge of the and we might add amazing docking skills! Matoula has been an amazing hostess,a wonderful cook and always gracious with a beautiful attitude. We will never forget our Great Adventure!

Danny and Karen

Yannis Stassis is the Bestis!!!!

5.0 rating
May 17, 2019

Well, what can we say!!!!! From start to finish we had the most Spectacular vacation of a life time.
Our Captain Yannis gave us every thing we asked and more. He is the most Amazing Jewel of the Greek Islands. He took the time to listen to our needs and what we wanted. He also educated us on all of the Greek Traditions and Mythology.
We went to 8 spectacular Islands, swam in the most beautiful waters, Climbed Steps to the tallest of mountains. That is just in one day!!! The favorite being Milos. This is the town Yannis is from. He took us to visit his family as well as, showing us the spectacular countryside.
Everyehere we went Yannis knew everyone at the ports and allowed us to dock. He also knew all of the most popular Bars and Eateries. Where the locals went for the most traditional food and drink. Lastly, Yannis is a very honest and humble. Even though we have never met his family, we feel like we have known them our whole lives. That speaks volumes. You will not be dissappointed.!!!!!!!

Leigh Ann & Johnny Dyal